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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I withdraw from a battle?

    Yes, just click on the white flag on the bottom left and you will withdraw from the battle.

    Do I have to fight everyone who crosses my path?

    You have to fight some enemies blocking your way, and some quests also require it, but you don’t need to fight every enemy

    How do I start a cooperative battle?

    After you have clicked on an enemy the pre-battle interface will open. On the left you will find a text field where you can enter the name of the Hero you want to invite.

    After your invitation has been sent your friend has 15 seconds to accept.


    Once he/she has accepted, his/her name will appear on the left and you can start the battle.

    I just want to explore Ashan. Do I have to start a battle?

    To explore all the regions of Ashan you need to finish some quests and level up. To gain Experience Points you have to finish quests and fight enemies. You don’t have to fight every enemy. 

    What are the advantages of a cooperative battle?

    You can help new users to progress faster in the game.

    Both players receive the reward for the battle.

    The opponent will count as defeated for both players and will be removed from the map for both.

    Numerous or strong enemies are easier to defeat if you play with a friend.

    If you have a quest running the opponent will also count for you.

    What happens if a player leaves the battle?

    You can finish the battle without him, but his Troops will leave the battle with the Hero. If you don’t want to finish the battle on your own you can withdraw from it.

    Which Units should I choose to send into battle?

    This is a difficult question. It depends on your enemy and what skills your Hero has. You have to test which Units best suit your purposes.

    Will I be able to play solo successfully?

    While we recommend playing with your friends, the game is designed so that you are able to defeat all your enemies alone. 

  • Are all Forgotten Sites the same?

    The difficulty, the creatures and the size of the dungeon will adjust to your Hero’s level. The Dungeons have also different layouts and ways through them. It’s worth playing the Forgotten Sites more than once.

    Can I equip Artefacts in a Forgotten Site?

    No, you are not able to use Artefacts in Forgotten Sites.

    Can I pause a Forgotten Site?

    You can logout from the game and continue later, but you cannot leave the Forgotten Site. If you leave the Forgotten Site via the entry point it will fail.

    Can I play another Forgotten Site after I finished one?

    Of course you can. Look to your left and right for active Obelisks on the province map and visit them again to complete a new puzzle.

    Can I restart a Forgotten Site after I failed?

    Yes, you can restart a Forgotten Site for Hero Seals or you can start searching for active Obelisks again and unlock a new Forgotten Site. You can also retry individual Battles as usual.

    Can I use my abilities?

    Yes, you can use all your abilities you learned so far in a Forgotten Site.

    Can I use shrines, rune stones, shards or licenses?

    No, all buffs will be paused while you are in a Forgotten Site. They will continue normally after you left it again. Licenses work as usual.

    Can I visit my town to get new troops?

    It is not possible to recruit new troops from your town while you are in a Forgotten Site. You will find fresh troops guarded by encounters in the dungeon. 

    Do I have to defeat all encounters?

    You are not forced to defeat all encounters, but this might help you with your Main Goal: In order to win a Forgotten Site and receive its rewards, you have to defeat its boss.

    Do I have to visit more Obelisks when I level up while I am visiting all the needed Obelisks?

    The amount of Obelisks you need to visit is set when you unlock the first puzzle of the map. This means: No, you don’t have to visit more Obelisks when you level up after you visited the first one. 

    How do I get pieces for the puzzle?

    You get them for visiting active Obelisks, or in some rare cases as Quest Rewards. If you would like to speed this process up, you can also buy them for Hero Seals.

    How do I unlock the Forgotten Sites?

    You can find several Obelisks on each province map. There are some active and inactive Obelisks. The active ones will change every day. Active Obelisks unlock parts of a puzzle that covers the place of the Forgotten Site. Your Hero Level determines how many Obelisks you need to visit to reveal the full puzzle map.

    How many pieces do I need for a puzzle?

    This is depending of your hero level at the moment you visited the first Obelisk to unlock a new puzzle.

    My army is much weaker/stronger in a Forgotten Site than it is on the province map!

    As you don’t have your artefacts equipped and your stats are set to a fixed amount, this is a usual behavior.
    Once you left the Forgotten Site, all your values are back to normal.

    The Forgotten Sites

    The Forgotten Sites are special Dungeons in MMHO. A Hero has to fight his or her way through them, without his or her regular gear and army. The Hero’s stats will be increased by the magical aura of the sites, supporting Creatures can be found in the Dungeon and only the abilities learned will help in the battles. 

    What can I gain by going to the Forgotten Sites?

    If you manage to win a Forgotten Site, you will be rewarded with powerful Artefacts, suited to your Level and Class. You will also obtain Resources (including Crystals), Consumables and great amounts of XP. Even if you fail, there are always some Crystals hidden in the Dungeon for you to find.

    Why can’t I keep my Artefacts and Troops?

    The Magic of the Forgotten Sites prevents their use. This makes them quite difficult tactical challenges, where each individual turn counts and Troop Loss is important to track. It also makes the Forgotten Sites a similar challenge to everyone.

  • Can I change the name of my Hero?

    Yes you can; open your Hero's screen by pressing the 'H'-key and click the feather icon. Changing your hero's name does cost a few Hero Seals!

    Can I play more than one quest at a time?

    Yes, you can accept as many quests as you want simultaneously and you can play all of them at the same time. However, some quests require you to finish another quest first.

    How do I add a friend?

    Just click on the Friend List button on the left. A new window will open with your current friends and it also indicates where you can set your status. The search function is at the bottom of this window. Enter the name of the Hero you want to add and confirm it with ‘Enter’. You will see a list of all the Heroes who match your search criteria. To send an invitation to the most suitable Hero, click on the relevant green tick.

    How do I change my login credentials?

    If you are logged in but still on the website you can click on “Account”, where you will find all the settings and options for your personal Account.

    How do I control Might & Magic Heroes Online?

    You use your mouse to control nearly everything in MMHO. If you click a location on the map, your Hero will walk to this position. If you press and hold down the left mouse button your Hero will follow your mouse pointer. To interact with an NPC or Item, just click on it.

    How do I finish a quest?

    After you have completed all the quest tasks you can return to the NPC who gave you the quest in the first instance. Some quests may require you to return to a different NPC. Check the quest descriptions for all the relevant information. 

    How do I report a bug?

    You can report a bug in the Forum or via email. Please make sure that you include as much information as possible on the subject, i.e.:

     -          A description of the error

    -          When it happened

    -          Where it happened

    -          Steps taken to reproduce it

    -          How often the error occurs

    -          Screenshots (if possible)

     We can fix problems more quickly if we have all the relevant information. 

    How do I start to Chat?

    While you are in the world of Ashan just press ‘Enter’.                                      

    Chat will open and you can type your message. Press ‘Enter’ again to post your Chat message. 

    How much does Might & Magic Heroes Online cost?

    You can play Might & Magic Heroes Online for free. There is no monthly or set-up fee. However, some functions in the game cost real money, and you can decide whether you want to pay or not. As you can play the game for free, it is up to you if you want to spend money.

    How to delete the browser cache?

    For Firefox:

    • Open Firefox and press the Alt button from your keyboard, then click on the 'History' menu and select 'Clear your recent history'
    • Select the 'Everything' option from Time range to clear
    • Click on the 'Details' button, ensure 'Cache' and 'Cookies' has been ticked.
    • Click the 'Clear Now' button.
    • Close and reopen your browser.


    For Chrome:

    • Once your Chrome is open, activate the customization menu by clicking its icon (spanner(UK)/wrench(US)) in the top-right corner. 
    • You can activate it from your keyboard by pressing (and releasing) the Alt button and then pressing the Enter button.
    • Click on the 'Tools' menu and select 'Clear Browsing Data'
    • From 'Obliterate the following items from' select the 'the beginning of time' option.
    • Ensure 'Empty the cache' has been ticked.
    • Click 'Clear Browsing' Data button
    • Close and reopen your browser.


    For Safari (Windows):

    • Once your browser is open, press Alt button from your keyboard, then click on 'Edit menu' and select 'Empty Cache'...
    • Click the 'Empty' button
    • Close and reopen your browser


    For Opera:

    • Once your browser is open, press the Alt button from your keyboard, then click on the 'Settings' menu and select 'Delete Private Data'...
    • Ensure 'Delete entire cache' has been ticked.
    • Click the 'Delete' button
    • Close and reopen your browser


    For Internet Explorer 7:

    • Once your browser is open, click on the 'Tools' menu and select 'Internet Options'.
    • Make sure that the General tab is selected.
    • Under the 'Browsing history' section, click the 'Delete...' button. The "Delete Browsing History" dialog window will appear.
    • In the new window, click the 'Delete Files' button in the 'Temporary Internet Files' section.
    • Wait some time until the cache clean-up finishes
    • Close and reopen your browser.


    For Internet Explorer 8 and higher:

    • Once your browser is open, press the Alt button on your keyboard, then click on the 'Tools' menu and select 'Internet Options'.
    • Make sure that the 'General' tab is selected.
    • In the 'Browsing history' section, click the 'Delete' button. The "Delete Browsing History" dialog window will appear.
    • In the new window, be sure the 'Temporary Internet Files' box is checked. You can uncheck everything else you want to preserve for some reason.
    • Click the 'Delete' button
    • Wait several moments, until Internet Explorer finishes the deletion of the items you have selected.
    • Once it is finished, a notification bar at the bottom of the browser window will appear saying "Internet Explorer has finished deleting the selected browsing history"
    • Close and reopen your browser.

    I created a support ticket but haven’t received an answer yet.

    You will receive an automatic answer from our mail system, including a ticket number. Please check your spam folder if you haven’t received this email. Our Support team needs time to process the volume of tickets we receive every day, so please be patient. All the mails will be answered in due course. 

    I have a quest but don’t know where to go!

    Don’t worry. There is an indicator on the Minimap which shows you where to go.


    To see the whole map of the Province simply press “M”.

    I've bought some Hero Seals but haven’t received them!

    Please contact Support and ask them to check your Account. Do not post any payment information in our Forum because any user can read it!

    I've forgotten my password. What should I do?

    Please use the ‘forgotten password’ function on our landing page. If there is a problem with your Account and/or when you try to obtain a new password, please contact our Support team.

    Is it possible to cancel a quest?

    Yes, you may abort a quest. The option for this is in the quest menu you will find in the upper-right corner.

    Note: if you abort a quest, all the quest progress will be lost and all quest items will be removed from your inventory.

    You may accept a quest at any time.

    Problems with your Flash plug-in

    For those having trouble starting the game, here are two solutions:

    a) make sure to keep your Flash-Plugin up-to-date and re-install if in doubt, e.g. from here: 


    For Firefox and other browsers use: 


    By experience the Firefox NPAPI Flash version works best. Choose your Operation System, then choose Firefox NPAPI. 

    b) Set up your game: choose between two versions of the Flash-Plugin if one is not working for you, by selecting Options/Plugin Settings from the main menu. 

    After installation, set up the MMHO app as can be seen on this screenshot: 

    Someone insulted me via PM - where can I report this?

    Please contact our Support team when this happens and they will handle it. Don’t forget to include a screenshot attachment of the PM with your email.

    Someone sent me a PM and asked for my Account data, what should I do?

    Please don’t reveal your Account data. Employees of Ubisoft and Blue Byte will never ask for your Account data, especially your password, as they don’t need it to book, check or fix anything. Please report this user to the Support team.

    The client doesn't run properly on my PC, what can I do?

    Please make sure that you have installed the latest Flash Player version, which you can download from Adobe (http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer). Some browsers will install the latest Flash Player version automatically, but you will need to check this.

    Another reason for a laggy client could be that other programs are interfering with it, especially sites containing Flash content (other games, ads etc.), a common occurrence in these situations. Messenger systems can also interfere with the Flash Player. 

    The game is running slow for me, what can I do?

    There are several things you can do to speed up the game for you.

    • Make sure that you installed the latest version of your browser and the flash player
    • Close all other browser tabs and programs which are using flash
    • Visit a website with flash (e.g. YouTube) -> right click on the video frame -> click on "Settings" -> enable the hardware acceleration under "display settings"
    • Please do not download something with another program in the meanwhile
    • Chat programs like Skype and ICQ can slow down the performance of the flash player. If you don't need them you can close them while playing MMHO
    • Deleting your browser cache and cookies can also help to speed up the performance
    • Deactivate the display of names in the game
    • Reduce the graphic settings in the game
    It is an ongoing task for us to optimize the game and ensure that it will run smooth on most PCs. Although we put a lot of effort in it, we can't guarantee that it will run on every PC, as there are too many things which can have a bad influence on the performance of the flash player.

    What are the minimum requirements for Might & Magic Heroes Online?


                    Intel Pentium IV with 3.00 GHz

                    AMD Athlon 64 3000+ @1.8 GHz


                    For Windows XP: 1 GB

                    For Windows Vista and 7: 1.5 GB

     Graphics card:

                    Minimum 128 MB RAM and DirectX 9 support

                    Radeon X1650

                    GeForce 6800GT

     Minimum Flash Player 11

     These are the minimum requirements. Newer or better hardware can improve the gaming experience.

    Where do I get quests?

    You will get these from NPCs dispersed throughout the world of Ashan, but please note: you will need some quests to unlock other regions in Ashan. There are also those in the “Tables of Quests” which you can accept as many times as you like.

  • Can I have more than one Hero?

    Yes, you can have more than one Hero. You will see the ‘Hero selection’ button on the top right, which will take you to the Hero selection screen.

    Can I transfer my Resources (wood, gold etc.) from one Hero to another?

    Unfortunately, this is not possible. Every Hero has his individual progress, so you will have to collect these Resources again for each Hero.

    Do all my Heroes have to be in the same Faction?

    No, you can decide which Faction each Hero should belong to. 

    Do I have to buy Hero Seals for every Hero?

    No. Hero Seals are bought for your Account and not for a specific Hero. Note: once you have spent Hero Seals for one Hero they are used up and cannot be assigned to another Hero.

    I can’t cast Spells anymore!

    It seems that you don’t have enough Mana for the Spells. Note: some Spells have a cool down period and others can only be used once per battle. 

    Is there an option to reset a Hero?

    It is not possible to reset a Hero, but you can create a new Hero (see “Can I have more than one Hero?”). The advantage of this is that you don’t have to create a new Account to start from scratch again.

    Which Abilities should I choose?

    That depends on your own approach to playing the game. We cannot say: “you should learn this or learn that to guarantee success”, as it depends on your gaming style. Just try out the different Abilities to find the ones that are right for you.

    Will all my Heroes have the same Level?

    This depends on how far in the game you progress with each Hero. Each Hero’s progress and success are unique and will not affect your other Heroes.

  • A Chrome/Flash player plugin error message is shown after start

    In case of an error message from Chrome/Flash Player plugin right after starting the application, you can manually fix the issue with the following steps:

    1. Exit the application / make sure the game is not running
    2. Go to game folder of "Might & Magic Heroes Online"
    3. Create a sub-folder called "plugins"
    4. Copy the file "pepflashplayer.dll" from your Google Chrome into this new folder
    5. Edit the file "package.json" in your "Might & Magic Heroes Online" game folder and change the path to the plugin to: "plugins\\pepflashplayer.dll"
    6. If there is no path: Please add the following to the list of "chromium-args": --ppapi-flash-path='plugins\\pepflashplayer.dll' --ppapi-flash-version=

    Do I need Google Chrome?

    Google Chrome is not needed if Adobe Flash Player (plugin) is installed on your PC. But Google Chrome comes with its own Flash plugin. The game performance of this plugin is better than the performance of the "original" Adobe Plugin (our application is based on Chromium – which is very similar to Google Chrome). For optimal experience, we recommend to install Google Chrome.

    I get this error message: "Couldn’t load plug-in"

    If you get this error message, the game was unable to run your Google Chrome Flash plugin. Just open the options menu of the application on the right of the "Might & Magic Heroes Online" start menu and change the plugin setting to "Adobe Flash Player plugin".

    System Requirements

    Minimum System requirements:

    • OS: Windows XP SP3 or higher
    • Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core or higher
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM or higher
    • Graphics: Hardware Accelerated Graphics
    • Storage: 200 MB available space
    • Permanent internet connection required

    Why do I need a Flash Player plugin?

    "Might & Magic Heroes Online" is a browser game, based on Flash.
    Therefore a Flash plugin is needed to run the game.

  • Can I have more than one Town?

    Yes, you can have a Town in nearly every Province but your Towns are independent of each other. However, you still have to build each new Town from scratch. There is a limit of one Town per Province/Hero. 

    Can other players attack my Town?

    No, this is not possible at the moment.

    How do I build a Town?

    First of all you need a Town Licence and the Resources to build a Town Hall. If you have all the necessary Resources for a Town you can go to the Town Gate which you’ll find in every Province. Click on it and you will be prompted to choose a name for your Town. The Town interface will then open and you can build new buildings or recruit fresh Troops. 

    I am unable to build a new building!

    To add a building you need a free Slot, the necessary Resources and the required Town Hall and Hero level. If you meet all the requirements simply click on a free Slot, select a building and click on ‘Build’.

    Which building should I build?

    We are not able to provide you with a perfect strategy for your Towns. You must try to find the building that best suits your needs.

    Why should I build a Town?

    You can build different buildings to boost your progress in the game. Every Hero has his own Town and, similar to other aspects of the game, one Hero’s Town will not affect any others.

    Depending on your Town Hall level, you can build several buildings, including dwellings, a vault and many other buildings. You may store your equipment in the vault to save space during your travels. 

    Why should I upgrade a building?

    It is obvious why you should upgrade your Town Hall, but for other buildings things may not be as clear-cut.

    A building upgrade has two advantages:


    As the capacity of your building increases, production time will decrease, i.e. you will acquire more Troops in the same amount of time and can save more Troops for later. 

  • Can I change my Troops once a battle starts?

    No, once you have clicked on an enemy you can no longer change the settings for your Army. If you want to change it you have to withdraw from the battle.

    Can I see an opponent’s Troops before a battle starts?

    Yes, you have the option of seeing the Troops of a PvE enemy before the start of the battle, but this will cost you some Hero Seals.

    Do I get a Unit back if it dies on the battlefield?

    No, Units that die during a battle are lost, although you can resurrect a dead Unit during a battle. However, once the battle is over, the Unit is lost for ever and you must recruit it again. Whether you have the Skill to resurrect a dead Unit depends on your Faction.

    Does recruitment cost me anything?

    You need Resources to recruit Units. The Resources you need depend on the type of Troops you want to recruit. The general rule is the better the Unit, the more Resources are required. J

    I can’t recruit new Units!

    Please make sure that you have all the Resources you need to recruit new Units, and bear in mind that Troops have to be enlisted in the town.

    My Unit didn’t carry out a retaliatory strike!

    There are several reasons for this:

    -          The enemy cast a Spell on your Unit and your Unit skipped its turn

    -          The enemy attacked from long range

    -          Your Unit had already carried out a retaliatory strike in this round

    -          Your Unit was attacked by an enemy that returned to its starting point immediately after the attack.

    Where do I get new Troops?

    You will get your first Troops during the initial quests, but as you progress you will have to build a Town and recruit new Troops there.

    Which Units should I recruit?

    This depends on how you play the game. As with skills, we are unable to give you the perfect Troop setting. Experiment with different variations to find out which formation suits you best.

    Why are there differences in the Troops I can recruit from Town to Town?

    The level of the town has an influence on the cooldown time and the type of Troops you can recruit there. Your own level will also influence the recruitment of Troops.

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