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The end of MMHO

Dear Community,


Since you all know Might & Magic Heroes Online has been running for a while without any updates. By doing this we were able to offer you the game for a prolonged period, enabling you to play and enjoy it for as long as possible. However, we now have decided to shut down the game for good.

Know that this was a hard decision for us because we share your passion for Might & Magic Heroes Online and enjoy working together with you to bring this experience to life. The dedication you’ve shown over the years shaped the game and motivated us to develop it for as long as possible. Thank you for staying with us till the end.


The Game will officially shut down on the 30.12.2020. This ensures, that you have still time to prepare for the shut down and enjoy the last months. We want you to be able to get in touch with your friends and guild members and make sure to stay connected in the future and take some cool screenshots of your beloved characters. On our side, we will also prepare for the shutdown with the following steps:

Following up on this announcement, we will close the primary shop in which you were able to purchase virtual currencies and items for real money.

The in-game shop will remain accessible however, allowing you to convert currencies and purchase content with what you already own. Please feel free to spend all your resources, currencies and items now. Go crazy and have fun. Try what you always wanted to do in the game and enjoy it while it lasts. Once the game is closed on 30.12.2020, all remaining resources, items and currencies in the game will be gone.

In line with our terms of sale, we hereby inform you that there will be no refund of any virtual currency you have spent in the game or for any resources you still may own on shutdown date, nor any conversion of any remaining virtual currency to another game.

Once 30.12.2020 is upon us, we will continue with our final steps. This includes closing the game, but also its website, its forum and its social media channels. They will not be accessible to you any longer. That said, you will still be able to reach our customer support and community management teams, even after the game has closed.


It was amazing and we would like to express our sincerest gratitude to you, our players! At the same time, we also thank all teams, departments, internal and external development studios for their ongoing support and participation, which enabled us to create and operate this game!

More details can be aquiered in our just posted F.A.Q on the forum.  

Your Might & Magic Heroes Online Team!