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< Back to news Boss troops reminder & addition to the Rules of Conduct

Boss troops reminder & addition to the Rules of Conduct

Dear Heroes,

We would like to remind you of the following: 

The possession of boss troops is not allowed, regardless of the way you obtain them

We do not allow any form of cheating and/or exploiting in Might & Magic Heroes Online. Using/Owning Boss Troops on your account will result in a permanent ban for all accounts, which own/use them. If you see the error message below “Authentication Failed”, you have been banned by our system. 

This is an example of the error message:

The bans for every player is permanent and we ask you to not contact our customer support as the decision and actions taken are permanent and will not be revised.

These bans will continue without further notice.

Even though the current Rules of Conduct cover the boos troops already, we want to take the opportunity to precise in this regard. That´s why the new Rules of Conduct do include a new paragraph for Boss troops.

Best regards,

Your ‘Might & Magic Heroes Online’ team