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Game Guide

How to get started

    • Arrival in Ashan

      Arrival in Ashan

      Before you are able to explore the world of Ashan you need to select a Faction and Hero class. In each Faction you can choose between a Might or Magic Hero. The Abilities you can learn depend on your Hero class, as each class has its own Abilities. But don’t worry; you can create a new Hero at any time and play another Faction or Class.

      After choosing a Faction and Class you must select a name for your Hero, and your journey through Ashan can then begin.

      On arriving in Ashan you will receive your first Troops and fight your first battles in order to learn the basic functions of the game. You will also be asked whether the tutorial should be displayed or whether you wish to play the game without additional tips.

      You will be able to found your Town after your first battles. Your Town is also crucial as your focal point for the recruitment of new Troops.

    • Hero Seals

      Hero Seals

      Hero Seals are really rare in the game and are needed for different options that can’t be bought with gold or other Resources, i.e. for completing a building or reviving defeated Troops after a battle.

      You can collect new Hero Seals by finishing some tasks in the world of Might & Magic Heroes Online. If you want to speed the process up a little you can buy Hero Seals in the Shop for a small sum.

    • Play with your friends

      Play with your friends

      You don’t have to explore the world of Might & Magic Heroes Online on your own. You can play it with your friends.

      Cooperative battles are available as well as a Friend List and Chat.

      This means you can choose to fight your battles on your own or with a friend. The great thing about this is that it is not important which Levels your Hero or your friend’s Hero have reached or which Factions you belong to; the battles are scaled automatically according to your Level. If you and your friends fight a cooperative battle together you will all gain Experience Points and the NPC will be removed from your Map. If it is mandatory for a Quest, the NPC will also count towards it.

      But this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to play solo. Might & Magic Heroes Online was designed so that you could play it alone or with friends. If you wish, you can play the whole game without anybody else’s help.

    • Battles


      All the battles in Might & Magic Heroes Online are round-based. This means that you and your enemy are not attacking at the same time but sequentially. All rounds are governed by a strict rule and order, based on the type of Units. The exact order for each round can be found on the battlefield in the lower right-hand corner. It will be updated if a Stack is killed or is waiting. Each Unit can “wait” to the end of the round, but only once per round.

      Before the start of a battle a “Battle Overview” window will open. Here you can see how much Stamina will be deducted for the battle and, for a small amount of Hero Seals, you can see your opponent’s Army. You can decide at this point whether to withdraw from the battle without being penalised.

      You don’t have to decide how many and which Units you want to take with you into a battle. The system automatically assigns the highest possible number of Troops per Slot to a battle. The remaining troops will wait for you outside. Please note that only Troops assigned to a Slot will be taken into account for your Army during a battle. For example, if you have a Slot with 10 Crossbowmen and another with 500 Crossbowmen and you lead 100 Units of this type, you will have a Stack of 10 and a Stack of 100 Crossbowmen in the battle.

      The position of your Units on the battlefield is really important. If you attack an enemy from the side you will get a flanking bonus and deal 25% more damage than if you attacked him directly. If you backstab an enemy you will deal 50% more damage. However, keep an eye on where your Unit stands after a round – the enemy Units get the same bonus as you receive for attacking from behind.

      Note that any Troops you lose will not be restored to you after a battle.

      Your Hero is the first to be able to attack or cast a spell at the beginning of each round. Neither your own nor your opponent’s Hero can be attacked in a fight.

    • Movement


      A single click somewhere on the map is sufficient to take your Hero there. Hold down the left mouse button and your Hero will follow the mouse pointer for as long as you keep the left mouse button depressed or until you hit an obstacle.

      All your movements are in real time with no limit on the distance you can travel. The Provinces are quite big, so long journeys may be a little exhausting over time, but you can shorten them by using one of the two portal types that can be found all over the Provinces.

      The first group of portals is the smaller of the two groups and less powerful. These smaller portals enable you to teleport within the same Province and, with their help, to travel around it in a few seconds.

      The second group of portals can normally be found in a central location within a Province. These bigger and more powerful portals, once unlocked, allow you to travel between the Provinces. Journeys between the Provinces take time and these larger portals are more difficult to find than those in the first group.

      You will see a button in the top right-hand corner. This will teleport you to your next Town portal, which will allow you into the Town.

    • Heroes


      Your Hero represents you in the world of Might & Magic Heroes Online. During the battles your Hero stands at the edge of the battlefield and supports your Troops with different Spells and Abilities. But your Hero cannot be attacked or die.

      With nearly every battle your Hero gains Experience Points and will Level-up.

      You will receive an Ability Point for some Level-ups, which you can use to learn new Spells and Abilities. In addition, the maximum amount of Units you can take with you into a battle will increase with every Level-up.

      Your Might, Magic, Leadership and Mana are not the only things connected to your Hero Level. Your Hero’s equipment also has a direct influence on those values. It is important to note that, although you cannot learn more Abilities when your Hero is well equipped, your maximum Mana will nevertheless increase or your Hero will be able to deal more damage in a fight. The Stack size can also increase with better equipment.

      Another value your Hero has is Stamina. Whenever you start a fight, some Stamina will be deducted from you. When your Stamina reaches 0 your Hero and Troops will be exhausted and deal less damage. But don’t worry, you can refill your Stamina with potions and it will automatically refill over time when you are not engaged in a battle.

    • Haven – The Holy Empire

      Haven – The Holy Empire

      The Holy Empire is a theocracy protected by medieval knights and monks. They worship Elrath, the Dragon God of Light, who grants them magical powers based on his elemental dominion. Their objective is to lead a life commensurate with Elrath’s ideals of Truth and Purity, to shape the world in his image and to spread his sacred Light.

       Aka: The Knights of the Light

      Associated Colours: Azure blue, white and gold


      Country/Kingdom: The Holy Empire

    • Necropolis – The Spider Cult

      Necropolis – The Spider Cult

      Necromancers, known as “House Eterna” by their fellow Wizards, began as a marginal splinter sect within the Seven Cities, but they rapidly grew into a major political power. They worship the “Death” aspect of Asha. Their interpretation of the Goddess’s darkest aspect is fanatical, emphasising death alone and exalting the state of Unlife to which all Necromancers aspire. Necromancers study Death Magic in order to become eternal. They learn how to control the spirits of the deceased (ghosts) or how to raise the dead from their graves (skeletons, zombies).

      Aka: The Necromancers, the Undead, the Death Lords
      Associated Colours: black, white and fluorescent (toxic) green
      Country/Kingdom: none (they are a part of the Seven Cities)

    • Interface


      The Interface is comparable to the bridge of a ship. It enables you to change your Army, travel to your Towns, view the next Quest objectives and do many more things besides.

      You will find your Army in the centre at the bottom of the screen. Hover over a Unit with your mouse and a pop-up will open. This pop-up contains information about this Unit’s Ability and how many Units of this type you can take into a battle. You can split your Units into two or more Stacks if you have free Slots. To do this, just hover over a unit and click on the small icon that appears next to the avatar of the Unit. Needless to say, this works the other way round as well and, if you have more than one Stack of the same Unit type, you can merge them by pressing the small icon.

      The Status Menu can be found to the left of Army Management. Here you can equip your Hero, use various potions, change your Hero’s colour and choose a title and pet. However, you can only choose and equip Items you have already collected or purchased.

      The Ability Menu is to the right of Army Management. Here you can choose the Abilities your Hero must learn, or reset your selection.

      Look for the Chat, Private Messages and Friend List Menu on the left. If you have previously closed Chat you can press “Enter” on your keyboard and it will open again; you can then start typing into the Chat text field. To send your message, simply press “Enter” again. To close Chat, use the arrow on the Chat window or, when the text field is empty, press “Enter” again.

      All system messages and private messages from other players can be viewed in the private message system. If you want to send a private message to another player, this is the correct place to do it.

      Above Chat you will find the Party function. You can invite other players to a Party and the system will provide a private Chat for all members of the Party. This can help you, for example, to keep track of your Friends in the game.

      In the top left corner is the Hero Status Menu, where you can see at a glance your current Stamina (blue bar), Mana (yellow bar), Hero level and Experience Points (green bar). To view the exact values just hover your mouse over each of the bars.

      From the top centre to the right side of the screen you can see all the Resources your Hero is currently carrying. The Shop is located in the top right-hand corner. Here you can buy Resources, potions and colours for your Hero’s appearance, plus many other goods.

      The Minimap is under the Shop, revealing a small part of the Province Map. A small arrow at the edge of the Minimap indicates where you can finish the next Quest objective. Different menus are placed around the Minimap:

      -                     The Council Ranking: The best 10 players will be called to the Council and gain the title “Member of the Council” for one day
      -                     Hero Selection: You can switch between your Heroes here, create a new Hero or delete an old one
      -                     The logout button
      -                     Options menu: You can deactivate the animation and tutorial or change the volume
      -                     A button to deactivate all sounds
      -                     Full-screen mode
      -                     The Province Map
      -                     A “Town button” that will teleport you immediately to your Town
      -                     A button to open the Quest interface

    • Troops


      Each Faction comes with its own Troops. To recruit new Troops you need to expand your Town accordingly and acquire the necessary resources. The Unit types can be categorised into three groups:

      Core: Your first Units belong to this group. They are not the strongest but you can take a high Stack of these Units into a fight.

      Elite: These are your most advanced Troops. The key to their success is their great power combined with powerful attacks. However, you can take fewer of this type with you into a battle.

      Champion: This class simply impresses with its power and endurance. Champions can sustain high levels of damage without raising an eyebrow and can inflict heavy losses on the opponents’ army. Only a few Troops of this class can be found on the battlefield, but there are enough of them to dominate a battle. If you no longer need your Unit you can discard it and recruit a new type.

      You can also move Troops to the Garrison in your Town and save them for later. You can also share Units of the same type among several Slots. But bear in mind that a balanced mix is the real key to success.

    • Towns


      Your Town is one of the most important acquisitions you can make on your journey through Ashan.

       The Town is not only the place where you can collect Resources but also your main centre for recruiting fresh Troops. Your Town needs the right buildings for this and you need to collect the Resources to upgrade it.

      To expand your City you need Resources that you can collect while travelling through Ashan. The Resources you need depend on the building type and its upgrade Level.

      To enter your City you need to go to the Town Gate – a click on the Town button will teleport you to the Town Gate of this Province. 


      While you are exploring Ashan you will be able to build more than one Town. You can decide what the purpose of each Town is, but you should always remember to build some Troop recruitment buildings. 

    • Quests


      There are two different types of Quests in Might & Magic Heroes Online.

      On the one hand there are the story Quests, which tell the story of Might & Magic Heroes Online. You have to finish these Quests in order to unlock new Areas and Provinces. They will also help you to understand both the world of Ashan and Might & Magic Heroes Online.

      On the other hand there are the Daily Quests. These can be found all over Ashan and can be played over and over again. Daily Quests are shorter than the Story Quests, can be played in a few minutes and provide some variation in the story of the game. You can earn Resources and Experience Points by finishing Daily Quests. 

    • In-game Rules, Code of Conduct (Chat and Forum)

      In-game Rules, Code of Conduct (Chat and Forum)

      The moderators and administrators of the Might & Magic Heroes Online (MMHO) forums can collect any relevant data for use in identifying users who are responsible for infringing the rules. Access to, and use of, the Might & Magic Heroes Online Forum can in no way be demanded, insisted upon or forced in any way. The Forum’s administration reserves the right to withdraw the privilege of using the site from certain users, temporarily or permanently, without having to state a reason or give prior warning. 

      The rules are also valid in their entirety for the Chat room and the game message system.

      Any form of cyber bullying, harassment and oral or written violence is strictly against the rules and should be reported to Support immediately, along with supporting evidence.

      The administration and moderators reserve the right to impose a permanent ban if such a situation arises.

      Insults, extreme profanity, abuse or any similar misconduct on these Forums or on Chat are forbidden. Disregard for these rules will trigger a warning or exclusion by the administration or moderators.

      Also, please make sure you speak English on the Forum and the in-game Chats.

      Any insults directed at the moderators will not be tolerated. Moderators contribute to this Forum voluntarily and should not have to put up with abuse from users. This Forum’s administrators and moderators will take immediate and appropriate action against any violation.

      Do not post in order to wind other members up or cause negative reactions intentionally. For any given post this can be a subjective matter, but a pattern of this kind of posting or a particularly extreme incident will incur a ban. Do not troll and do not flame, period. These are bannable offences. 

      Exchange with Support/mod/admin in private
      Any discussion or exchange with a member of the Support team, moderator or administrator is regarded as private. Copying and pasting your exchange on the Forum or Chat is therefore not permitted.

      Bad or sick jokes in global channels
      Players who tell bad or "sick" jokes in the global channels may be banned for a short period of time. The ban and length of ban will be decided by the moderators. So be careful what you say! What you may regard as a just a joke can be hurtful to others, e.g. jokes about racism, specific political subjects, illnesses etc...

      No political/religious conversations/discussions/debates
      Topics like religion and politics are deemed too inflammatory, controversial and provocative and are therefore forbidden. They have no place in the Heroes Online in-game Chat or even the Forum. If you start these topics you will be warned to stop. If you persist, you could end up being banned.

      Complaining about moderation
      We will not accept any complaints about moderation, the moderators or the rules governing public channels. Any such behaviour will result in a ban!
      If you wish to report abusive moderating, please send a personal message on the Forum to BB_Kuby or send a ticket to Support.

      Remember to stay objective and constructive in your messages. Rude or insulting language used when speaking to, or about, any of the MMHO team will only result in your message NOT being answered.

      Spamming /flooding/scamming
      The creation of spam and/or flooding posts is not permitted and may, depending on the circumstances, result in a 24-hour ban and even exclusion from the service (Game/Chat Room/Forum). Scamming is strictly against the rules and can result in a permanent ban.

      Please use the appropriate channel. 

      Use of capitals/caps locks
      The excessive use of capitals or caps locks can result in a short- to long-term ban. The length of the ban will be decided by the moderators who are present at the time and is not negotiable.

      Common expressions or abbreviations usually written in capital letters are of course allowed, as long as the player does not abuse them.

      Any activity designed to give an advantage to an account is forbidden. There are no clear guidelines on pushing and so Support will decide on a case-by-case basis whether it is pushing or not.
      An example of pushing might be User A deliberately and willingly losing a battle against User B, despite User A being much stronger.
      Cooperative battles are not classified as pushing and will not be punished.

      Multiple accounts/account swapping
      Each user is allowed one account per server. If several users are playing Might & Magic Heroes Online from the same PC/internet connection you must inform Support in advance.

      You are allowed to play cooperative battles with your friends and family, even though you are all using the same IP.

      Account swapping is forbidden. You are not allowed to let somebody else play the game for you or to pass your login details on to a third party.

      Cheats and programs
      Any type of macro, script, bot or other program that can change the way the game’s interface works is strictly forbidden and could result in an immediate ban.

      Public denunciations of cheating are not permitted, whether it is multi-account activities or any other similar outlawed activity. If you suspect a particular account of cheating, please take a screenshot and send it to Support together with any other useful information. Cheats should be reported to the Support team only. 

      Any discussion or circulation of exploits or cheats is not permitted here and may lead to exclusion from the service. Cheats and exploits should be reported to the Support team only. 

      Competitions in the Chat Room or Forum
      Competitions of any kind must always be approved by administrators to avoid any potential malpractice or unfair gains made to the detriment of/at the expense of other players.

      In general, participation in any competition not organised by Ubisoft/Blue Byte is at the player’s own risk. Any claims for damages must be sent to the competition organisers. 

      No response from the administrators and/or moderators must not be assumed as denoting consent. The administration reserves the right to remove threads that invite players to participate in unauthorised competitions, directly or indirectly, or which could encourage players to take part in them. The member responsible will be notified of any removal by private message. 

      Software piracy, illegal software, advertising, links
      Any requests, promotion, advertising or linking of content protected by copyright for illegal purposes is strictly forbidden. The linking, naming or discussing of hacks, hack crews and/or download networks is also prohibited. These rules also apply to leaks and other Internet software obtained illegally. Advertising anything that is not related to MMHO may result in a ban. The advertising of other video games and websites, YouTube channels or products is forbidden. 

      Third party web links and URLs etc are forbidden, unless specifically authorised by the administration, Blue Byte staff or the moderators.

      Depending on the circumstances, discussions about the consequences of a leak are permitted. 

      Illegal activities
      Any invitation to carry out, plan or execute any activity that, under current law, could be categorised as illegal, is strictly forbidden within the discussion Forums, in-game message system and Chats, and may be stopped by the moderators or administration at any time without notice.

      We also reserve the right to instigate legal action, particularly if the physical wellbeing of an individual is threatened. 

      Petitions and calls for a boycott
      Any reference to, or invitations to participate in, petitions and boycotts will be stopped, depending on the type and context, and may result in a warning or final expulsion without warning. 

      Lack of reference to the theme
      If a discussion strays too far from the actual theme of the Forum, it may be either moved, edited, closed or deleted in its entirety without warning.

      Racism and malicious incitement
      We accept no malicious incitement, racism or political propaganda, so kindly find another forum on which to conduct this kind of discussion. We will take immediate and appropriate action against any violation of this rule. We reserve the right to delete, remove or edit any posts that incite racial hatred or any other malicious behaviour and also to prosecute those who post such comments. The same applies to usernames (nicknames) or Hero names that relate to such and/or otherwise breach current legislation. 

      Pornography and eroticism
      Any links, advertisements and images relating to erotic content or content that is unsuitable for minors will not be tolerated. This also applies to usernames (nicknames) that contain or describe pornographic elements or elements that are unsuitable for minors. 

      Discrimination against minorities, physically or mentally disabled persons, socially disadvantaged groups or others will not be tolerated here, and will be immediately penalised. 

      Data protection
      Please send any questions on the subject of data protection direct to our Head Office and do not discuss them in the Forum. These threads will be immediately closed or deleted. Please contact Blue Byte GmbH, Adlerstraße 74, 40211 Düsseldorf, Germany for issues relating to data protection. 

      Profiles, signatures and avatars
      We will react immediately to any violations of the rules in user profiles or signatures. Administration and the moderators will decide when a signature is no longer acceptable; the relevant users will be notified immediately and asked to take immediate and appropriate action. However, administrators and moderators also reserve the right to shorten and amend profiles without prior warning.

      Company-related or protected nicknames
      Impersonation of a Blue Byte/Ubisoft/Forum/Chat moderator is forbidden. Administrators and moderators reserve the right to impose a permanent ban on anyone committing this offence. 

      Only employees of Ubisoft and Blue Byte may use an "Ubi_" or "BB_" abbreviation in front of their usernames. If either of these appear in the names of “normal” users, the account may be immediately deleted or renamed to avoid any confusion with official employees or moderators.

      We reserve the right to exclude, temporarily or permanently, from Chat any usernames which, owing to their naming or spelling, could be mistaken for official Blue Byte or Ubisoft employees or members of the moderator team, insofar as no change of username is carried out by the relevant users in compliance with the code of conduct.

      We also reserve the right to the exclusive use of Ubisoft or Blue Byte logos in our avatars to identify our colleagues as potential contacts. The use of a similar avatar by anyone without an official role at Blue Byte or Ubisoft may, depending on the circumstances, leads to a ban or to permanent deletion of the avatar and could also result in legal action. The use of protected company names and brands, or names of institutions, is prohibited. 

      Individual cases that are not covered and the decision-making authority
      For individual cases not covered by the rules set out in this notice, the administration will make a decision based on the available facts. In all cases, the administrators and moderators have the authority to make the final decision. 

      Please report to Support any site whose aim is to steal user information from a Might & Magic Heroes Online account.

      Please do not enter your account information on any site other than the official Might & Magic Heroes Online website.

      No Ubisoft or Blue Byte employee will ever ask you for your password. If someone asks you to divulge your password, you should report it immediately to the Support team! By the same token, passing on your account information to third parties is forbidden.

      Rules for minors
      Minors require the consent of their parents or guardians to:

      1. Take part in competitions
      2. Be contacted by email
      3. Register on the site
      4. Create any entries, posts or comments.


      In-game Rules, Code of Conduct (Chat and Forum)

      In-game rules and the Code of Conduct are in addition to “terms of use”.

      Breach of the rules
      Any action that infringes the rules will be punished. We will take into account what caused the breach and will decide if the account is to be banned for a certain period or permanently. The moderator and/or the admin will decide on the severity of the penalty imposed.

      Changes to the rules
      We reserve the right to change the in-game rules and the Code of Conduct or to add new topics. Our Forum will always display the latest versions

      The administration reserves the right to amend or add to these rules. We would also ask you not to challenge or test our tolerance levels. Moderators and administrators reserve the right to modify the official Forums and/or Chat Rooms at their discretion at any time and without warning. 

    • System Requirements

      System Requirements

      As Might & Magic Heroes Online is browser-based, you require a permanent Internet connection to play the game.

      You must also use one of the standard browsers and the latest version of Flash Player 11. We recommend you install updates for your browser and Flash Player, as these can improve your gaming experience.

      The minimum requirements for your PC are:

      Intel Pentium IV with 3.00 GHz
      AMD Athlon 64 3000+ @ 1.8 GHz

      Windows XP: 1 GB
      Vista, Windows 7: 1.5 GB

      Graphics card:
      Min. 128 MB RAM and DirectX 9 support